We provide, manage and maintain a secured cross-docking facility for all food & beverage and retail tenants.

What We Provide

Centralized Receiving and Distribution

Airports are like small cities with tight security. Because of that, it makes way more sense to have a secure, central facility away from the terminal where supplier trucks and parcel carriers deliver their goods. Then those consumables like food, beverages, magazines, and clothing are processed and delivered to the correct airport tenants every day.

Can you imagine it the other way? Hundreds of trucks delivering food to individual restaurants plus the retail and parcel delivery trucks would have to get clearance and clog up the behind-the-scenes traffic at the airport.

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Escort for Subcontractors

Since we provided Centralized Receiving and Distribution of food and products to airports, there is little need for someone without security clearance to enter the behind-the-scenes atmosphere at an airport.

But there are times when subcontractors need access to secure areas of the airport especially during construction. That’s where we come in. An escort must be provided to individuals who enter a secure area. Each person acting as an escort must inform all individuals being escorted that they are in a security area of the airport and all security rules and regulations must be followed. The escort is required to maintain physical and visual control the escorted individual’s movement. It’s best to leave the escorting service of subcontractors to a third party like ALM because they already have so many employees vetted to work in “sterile” or secure areas of the airport.

Equipment Installation, Maintenance and Disposal

Every business within an airport has different needs. Outside of the airport environment, each business takes care of it’s own Equipment Installation, Maintenance and Disposal. Within an airport those functions must be entrusted to a 3rd party. The products and services of each food vendor or retail establishment have their own list of equipment and maintenance needs. At ALM we are prepared to meet those needs with complete ongoing support.

We coordinate and support every install, update and disposal whether the business is a boutique, flower shop, gift shop or restaurant. We’ve got you covered and look forward to partnering with your airport business.

Tracking System For Deliveries

By having centralized receiving and distribution at your airport, the airport and tenants save a lot of money. We electronically track all food and retail merchandise inbound and outbound so we can know at all times where your products are in the process. This allows ALM to manage the entire logistics process for you without any worries.

We work closely with concessionaire vendors to establish dependable and flexible arrival schedules and generate delivery schedules to plan staffing requirements that avoid wasting resources. However, expedited delivery of emergency receipt and ready response to unexpected circumstances is always available.

Cost Cutting Financial Performance

For both airport and tenants, logistics is not a profit center. It’s a profit destroyer. Without using a logistics company, an airport constantly deals with hundreds of access points and hundreds of independent entities operating independent processes with no real consolidation of tracking or managing. You end up with a very fractionalized, redundant, and inefficient logistics processes.

The tenant’s should be using their best talent and discretionary dollars on projects, but they end up spending that time and money on planning and delivery of equipment and products. By going with ALM, your discretionary dollars and manpower can go back into promoting and selling your brand. You can count on at least a 60% reduction in logistics cost for your airport, which translates to at least a six-figure reduction in airport costs.

Since deliveries and retrievals are managed by ALM, food and goods are waiting for shoppers. Because critical inventory is maintained at the central facility, tenants have easier access to their goods, which results in higher concession revenue.