The detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.

Meet Our Team

Mahmoud Alkhateeb

Mahmoud Alkhateeb

Mahmoud Alkhateeb has a knack for managing people and business. Mahmoud is a visionary and instinctively knows what an airport needs to run smoothly behind the scenes. As the general manager of Airport Logistics Management Services (ALM Services), he handles all aspects of the centralized distribution center at Washington Dulles International Airport. He wants to provide a better experience for everyone by maintaining great relationships with all tenants, vendors and the landlord.

Mark Berends

Mark Berends

Mark Berends puts the “logistics” in Airport Logistics Management (ALM). Mark ‘s work as the Operations Manager for ALM means he’s trained extensively in warehouse systems and delivery & receiving distribution. Mark’s experience gives him the ability to supervise and teach others in the specific functions associated with loading and unloading at secure airport terminals.

Julie Speer

Julie Speer

Julie Speer has managed and operated businesses in the food and beverage industry for more than 15 years. She’s responsible for places that make millions in sales every year. Julie has also managed more than 1,000 people in the same industry. She is an asset to ALM by nurturing relationships with tenants, vendors and the facility landlord.

Our Service Values

At ALM we strive to provide the definition of logistics every day exclusively to airports. Our staff comes with years of on-site experience and knowledge of airport operations that we pass on to our clients.

  • To serve the customer by continually learning and applying the most innovative and cost effective solutions in every aspect of the airport delivery system.
  • To serve the customer through excellence in security, safety, and real time communication and tracking solutions.

ALM Story

In 2005 ALM began serving as the “Centralized Receiving and Distribution Center” for Washington Dulles International Airport by operating the food & beverage commissary. The Dulles contract includes 41 food & beverage concession sites with a daily delivery of 2000 pieces. We also handle 9 retail locations at Dulles.

We love specializing in airport logistics because it provides us expertise in one area and gives us the ability to understand and adapt to the ever-changing environment in airports. From security policies to constant construction, something is always in flux but our more than 10 years of experience means those changes won’t cause an interruption in timely deliveries for our concession and retail clients.

ALM Staff

The ALM staff is second to none with the amount of experience they bring to the table. They understand the challenges involved with operating an airport delivery system while also understanding the operational challenges that tenants experience in retail and food services.

They are also flexible with schedules, hours of operations and staffing requirements to comply with all tenants, airport, TSA and FAA needs.

The ALM staff is required to complete additional safety and security training. All managers and supervisors complete Serve Safe Certification before handling any Food & Beverage products. We have a complete understanding of all equipment and supplies that are required to operate the commissary.