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Food Brand

We opened our 4 restaurants in a 3 month period of time in the summer of 2006, going from $0 in sales to anticipated sales in excess of $10MM. In that time period, and ongoing, A.L.M. has demonstrated the flexibility in the schedules to accommodate the needs of new and existing vendors, as well as varied delivery options.

They have always erred in favor of our operations.

In addition, they have provided ancillary support services, such as escort services for unbadged service vendors, minor maintenance support, and remodeling work-all done at very favorable rates. Were it not for their offering these services, the work would largely go undone.

I would hope that any other properties considering use of a commissary would seriously recognize the expertise of A.L.M. and the many value-added services they provide for vendors in the airport.

Patrick J. Kline

Area Manager at FoodBrand L.L.C.
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MarketPlace Development

The plan to install our RMUs was an audacious one, and it couldn't have succeeded without your team. Your exhaustive support of our program in general and this effort in particular are greatly appreciated. Your team escorted trucks, lent us miscellaneous equipment, removed trash, provided airport escort for the two companies involved in the plan, and even loaned STAK Commissary space for building sleds. You and your team were absolutely instrumental in this endeavor, and we wont forget your efforts.

Kierran Casey

General Manager at MarketPlace Development

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Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

ALM Logistics is the exclusive operator of the Dulles Commissary System at Washington Dulles International Airport. ALM has been Westfield Concession Management's contractor since January 2005.

Dulles Airport is located outside of Washington, D.C. and serves as the international gateway for the greater Washington metropolitan community. ALM Logistics manages the commissary building, receives goods (primarily food) from outside vendors and re-delivers product to concession facilities in the midfield concourses. As such, ALM reliably performs a function vital to the success of passenger services at Dulles Airport.

ALM Logistics is a contractor in good standing, and adheres to the requirements and obligations of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and the Transportation Security Administration

Stephanie Powers

Manager at Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
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ALM Services has been operating and managing the commissary at Dulles International Airport since January 1, 2005.

ALM Services has performed all operational and administrative requirements in a professional proactive manner. They have adjusted to the frequently changing environment of the airport during a large airport wide construction project, the redevelopment of 41 food and beverage operations and changing TSA requirements. The construction projects and the changing TSA requirements create large road blocks for the commissary delivery system. ALM Services confronts these challenges head on and makes it happen. Many other contractors would use these road blocks as an excuse not to complete the job.

ALM Services continually provides a vital service to all of the concession operations at Dulles International Airport. I strongly recommend ALM Services for any logistical delivery operation

Chris McCormick

General Manager at Westfield Concessions Management, LLC
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ALM Services, operating the Commissary at Washington Dulles International Airport has been an effective Third Party Operator. HMS Host Retail Operations has been very satisfied with their timely, efficient and friendly service. They are a Top Notch Operation who has never hesitated to assist us with deliveries and receiving jobs large or small. We have enjoyed working together and look forward to our continued success

Mark B. Toliver

General Manager at Dulles International Airport
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